Podiatrists Wage War On Foot Pain!

The College of Podiatry Conference in Harrogate was a revelation to us – a place where innovative, knowledgeable and passionate professionals meet. We were overwhelmed by the positive and warm reception to Aussie Soles as a possible compliment to treatment plans for foot pain and would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU.

Many people asked: “Why do you need to be so radical and declare a War?” Well, how else can we attract attention and promote Podiatry? Many people consider foot pain a norm, forgetting that untreated foot problems lead to loss of mobility in older age. We need the general public to take preventative measures and when pain persists get a check-up with their local podiatrist.

Podiatrist Rianna Dunn visits Aussie Soles at COP Conference

What started out as a tactical battle to attract attention at the conference will now become a strategic war against foot pain. We have funded the website and will sponsor this initiative until we all meet in again Harrogate next year. Big thanks to all of you wonderful podiatrists who participated in our pilot survey: its results will be published shortly on a new website dedicated to the ‘War on Foot Pain’. We will invite foot pain sufferers to the site and encourage them to seek the support of a podiatrist.

Once again, many thanks to the College of Podiatry and all the wonderful people who visited our stand – see you all next year in Harrogate!

James, Founder of Aussie Soles UK

George Dunn, Chairman of Council, College of Podiatry

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