Our Manifesto

To unite sufferers of foot pain with podiatrists. Our Vision is to end preventable foot pain.

Too many of us live with foot pain, which in later life can affect mobility and independence, and we are forced to seek help. We believe people of all ages should get regular check-ups.

At the 2019 College of Podiatry conference, author and Journalist David Tollafield called for Podiatrists to unite forces and ‘Wage War on Foot Pain’: “We need to promote the health benefits of foot care in the way dentistry did with dental care” said Tollafield.

A healthy body starts with healthy feet and podiatrists should lead the way.

Aussie Soles supported David’s idea and created the website in 2019. We hope other brands will lend their support to raising awareness that you don’t have to live with foot pain.

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